I spent the afternoon on this, thought I’d share. None of this is official, just made up out of my head. This is an interior map of the inn for Keep on the Shadowfell.

This map has been revised based on the comments below (as of 5/20/2008 CST 3:16 pm)

Made in Dunjinni

Ground Floor


1) Tavern Area: This large area consisting of three “public” round tables and bar for drinkers, and a rectangular “dining table” for evening customers. There is also a “lunch bench” against the eastern wall for those who wish to grab a quick bite to eat during the morning, lunch or evening rushes. Several tables have been set outside for the lunch and evening “rush”; unless there is inclimate weather, these tables tend to fill up first. Each table has a small bowl on it holding three candles for use at night; during the day the windows are thrown open, showering light into most of the tavern area. The two northmost windows open into a thin alley between the building and the dividing wall just north of it.


Breakfast (6 am – 10 am)
Platter of pancakes, bacon, sausage links, egg (sunny-side up) and 2 biscuits – 2 sp
Platter of ham, eggs and a biscuit – 1 sp
Stack of pancakes – 8 cp
Plate of scrambled eggs – 3 cp
Two slices of bacon or sausage link – 2 cp
Bowl of biscuits (6) – 1 cp

Lunch (10:30 am – 6 pm)
Platter of turkey leg and loaf of bread – 2 sp
Platter of Ham haunch, roasted vegetables and 1/2 loaf of bread – 1 sp
Turkey leg – 5 cp
Vegetable stew – 4 cp
Barley soup – 3 cp
Bowl of fruits – 3 cp
Loaf of bread – 2 cp

Dinner (6 pm – 9 pm)
Platter of beef haunch, spiced potatoes and loaf of bread – 2 sp
Platter of venison, roasted vegetables and 1/2 loaf of bread – 1 sp
Venison stew and 1/2 loaf of bread – 5 cp
Fruit salad – 4 cp
Platter of roasted vegetables – 3 cp
Platter of turkey dressing – 3 cp
Bowl of fruits – 3 cp
Loaf of bread – 2 cp

Dragon’s breath XXX, shot – 2 gp
Dwarven Stout ale, mug – 7 cp
Elvin honey wine, glass – 6 cp
Nerath bloodwine, glass – 5 cp
Winterhaven Golden Wine, glass – 5 cp
Honey mead, mug – 4 cp
Ale, mug – 4 cp
Sylvan juice (made of various berries and nectarines), glass – 3 cp
Milk, glass – 1 cp (breakfast only)

The northeastern table has a single fur-padded chair and place settings already arranged at it. It is nominally reserved for use by the mayor, and anyone who takes a seat at the table gets shocked and/or rude looks from most of the other patrons, though they’ll let the mayor sort out the bloke if he shows up. When the mayor is present, he usually closes the shudders to the alley window, both partly because of paranoia and because he doesn’t like looking at the wall outside.

There are five waitresses and two waiters that are employed at the tavern, two are on duty at any given time and one has the day off (so each gets one day off a week). There is a morning crew and an evening crew; the morning crew works from 5 AM to about 1 PM (i.e., until after the lunch rush), and the evening crew works from 1 PM to 10 PM. The crews shift their days/night schedule once a week. The waitresses/waiters are Mariam (f half-elf; cheerful & talkative), Helene (f human;teasing & busybody), Bedra (f human;jovial & helpful), Silvia (f half-elf;sly & greedy) Elissa (f human;dour & workaholic), Brontha (m human;tight-lipped & staid) and Edglund (m human;complimentary & preening). In the morning, when things are slow, one of the two waiters on duty goes upstairs to clean and straighten up the rooms upstairs, a job that takes about an hour.

2) Kitchen: Jundrin, the cook for the inn, is on duty in the kitchen serving food from sun-up (about 6 am) until an hour before curfew (about 9 pm). He has two assistants with him in the kitchen during rushes (morning, noon and evening). The assistants are two 14-year old boys, whom Jundrin tends to lord over while they are present. Jundrin does not take a day off (his kitchen’s reputation is too important to him, even in this backwater village) and working the long hours makes him a very gruff individual. He normally leaves the kitchen to his helpers from about 1 PM until 6 PM, to perform errands or simply relax away from the kitchen (but always where he can easily be found). The cook arrives an hour early and stays an hour late to clean up; though he’ll fill orders before or after the normal cook times, he won’t be happy about it. He’s an excellent cook, but will curse loudly when given special orders (and sometimes throw things) – and has a short temper when anyone criticizes his food. Naturally, most folk know better than to order specialized food or do anything but praise his food.

2nd Floor


3) Single Room #1: This is a good quality room, with a lockable door and a single bed. An armoire is in the room for storing clothes and gear. The chair in here is wooden and similar to the ones downstairs. Someone has carved some meaningless graffiti into the underside of the chair. It can be rented for 1 gp per night.

4) Single Room #2: This room is similar to area #3. One of the bedposts has a cleverly hidden (DC 20 Perception to spot), removable cap. The bedpost has been hollowed out for storing objects like a scroll or other valuables. There is nothing inside the hollow post, however. A former customer who was skilled in woodcraft made the hiding spot, and the inn’s staff is unaware of the modification. Like area #3, this room can be rented for 1 gp per night.

5) Closet: This room stores blankets and pillows for area #6. There are usually 10 blankets, pillows and rolled up pallets here. A folding cot is stored in the corner of the closet as well as a cleaning bucket, mop, scrub brush, broom and other cleaning supplies.

6) Great Room: This large room serves as the common sleeping room at night. During the day, this is an overflow room for the tavern, often used by those staying here as there is only a single table to be used in the room. Those who rent a space here to sleep can use a pallet, blanket and pillow to sleep on at night (one per paying guest). The two chairs are supplied for those who wish to lounge in the room during the day. The table in the room is set in the morning with two bowls and pitchers of water for those who wish to freshen up in the morning (brought in at 6 am by one of the waiters on duty). Two chamber pots are stored under the table; they are emptied out and perfumed before curfew (about 10 pm) every night and changed again at midday when the room is cleaned up. A pallet can be rented in this room for 5 sp a night. The cot (stored in area #6) can be rented for an extra 1 sp a night.

3rd Floor


7) Single Room #3: This is a good quality room, with a lockable door and a single bed. An armoire is in the room for storing clothes and gear. The chair in here is wooden and similar to the ones downstairs. Stuffed under the mattress is a old, rusted and dulled dagger left here by a previous occupant (value 5 sp). The room can be rented for 1 gp per night.

8 ) Single Room #4: This is a good quality room, with a lockable door and a single bed. An armoire is in the room for storing clothes and gear. The chair in here is wooden and similar to the ones downstairs. A scrap of torn and faded parchment lies in the armoire. The ink on its surface has been smeared so that all that can be made out is part of the word “Kal”. The room can be rented for 1 gp per night.

9) Bath Room: The door to this room can be closed and barred, but not locked. It is free for use to any of the inn guests; there is no hot water, guest must draw their own bath. There is a 3" gap at the bottom of the door so the waiters can slip towels or other items under the door to those inside. The use of the tub is included with the cost of renting a place to sleep, or can be used separately for 1 sp. The kitchen can supply hot water for the bath with an hour’s notice and an extra 1 sp charge. There is a 30% chance that the tub is in use at any given time between 6 AM and 10 PM.

10) Closet: This room stores bath towels for area 9. There are usually 15 towels store here each morning, afternoon and evening. This closet also contains a cleaning bucket, mop, scrub brush, broom and other cleaning supplies.

11) Suite: Areas 11a, 11b & 11c constitute the Grand Suite of the inn. Breakfast and dinner can be served in the room, though the cost is extra. This room can be rented for 5 gp a night.

11a) Foyer: This area has a coat rack and sitting bench. A bathrobe hangs from the coat rack and a pair of slippers are available under the bench.

11b) Grand Room: This room sports two plush couches, a lounging chair and is dominated by a bearskin rug on the floor. The walls are hung with hunting mementos gathered by previous guests and donated to the inn. Each of the mementos is signed by the person who donated it. One of the trophies is the skull of a shadow mastiff, signed by Keegan.

11c) Private Bedroom: This room has a feather bed and armoire for storing clothes and gear. A beautiful painting of the countryside is hung on the wall above the bed. Those who examine the picture closely will note that the Shadowfell keep can be seen in the distance on the painting.

4th Floor


12) Private Residence: This floor sports the home of the owner of the inn and family. The door to the stairwell (at 12a) is kept locked to keep nosy patrons and thieves out of the top floor. Anyone caught up here uninvited will be ejected from the inn, and if theft is involved, ejected out of Winterhaven as well.

12a) Entry Foyer: This area’s floor is dominated by an ancient rug woven in the Nerath style. A red curtain with gold trim partitions off the tub in the corner, and a standing mirror sits to the north. The opening to 12b consists of a Nerath-style archway lined with engraved images of imps, fey and dwarves all along its surface.

12b) Sitting Room: This room has a rug dominating the center similar to the one in 12a. A pair of plush couches and low, mahogany tables fill the south side, while a single throne-like chair faces south. The chair’s armrest are carved with the faces of bearded wizards in the midst of chanting epic magic. In the northeast corner, an old, unused loom sits gathering dust.

12c) Master Bedroom: This room contains a queen-sized trundle bed along the north wall and a writing desk and chair at the south. The drawers beneath the bed contains the clothing of the inn’s owner and former spouse. Built into the headrest is a secret drawer that acts as a safe to contain jewelry and a stash of coins. The writing desk has several drawers, containing ledger books, parchment paper, a quill and ink. The bottom drawer is locked and contains old love letters.

12d) Children’s Room: This room contains two children’s beds, a nightstand and a rocking chair. Wooden toys and children’s clothes are often scattered about the room.



The cellars are accessed via stairs in the kitchen that go down underneath the stairs that lead to the upper rooms. The cellar is cool and filled with food stores (the crates in the northeast), drink casks (stored beside, under and behind the stairs) and bottles of wine (on two floor-to-ceiling wine racks in the northwest). Extra chairs and a workbench are also set down here (along the west wall) for repairing damage following bar fights or other altercations.

made by: Stormonu


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