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Development Notes for Agea

Note: The following information is from a GM perspective as to the how’s and why’s of the creation and composition of Agea. Both players and other DMs alike will find information regarding how my game world is structured. Please feel free to borrow any ideas presented here.

Agea is my gaming world. Originally created in 2010, it is the compilation of years of gaming experience and worlds previously built in my games. Having DM’ed for almost 25 years, my world consists of sort of a mix of Greyhawk and Ravenloft. You have the heraldry, intrigue, and political affairs of Greyhawk, combined with the danger, horrors, and excitement of the walking dead of Ravenloft.


When originally creating the world, I started with Malundia. Being a history and movie buff, I had just watched several movies with Roman themes. The idea of the Roman Empire, past its pinnacle, corrupt, slow moving politically, militarily, and idealogically seemed to really fit the Elves for my world. Similar to J.R.R. Tolkien’s elves in Lord of the Rings, the Elves of Agea have reached the pinacle of their existance and are waining towards their final days. Once greatly powerful, ruling from sea to sea, having harnessed magic and carved a permenant mark on the development and future of the world, the Elves are on a collision course with destiny as their morals and culture erode from under them.

In the beginning of the world development, I decided that instead of creating lots of different breeds of Elves, that I would condense and incorporate all the various types of Elves into a single society. However, I did decide that there were a few small groups who had not incorported into the Andolorayne Empire. This allowed for some variance and some real diversity in other areas, much like on Earth where different species, isolated from their kind develop differently.


The dwarves of Agea are devided into two camps, the deep Dwarves, and the surface dwarves. The deep dwarves are creatures of the subterainian, reclusive, and mostly unknown.


Elven society has left an indelible mark on the rest of the world, providing a base of culture, art, magic, engineering, law, etc., much like the Romans and Greeks of Earth. Having enslaved much of humanity, the humans have absorbed much that the Elves had to offer.


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