Who will stop an army of the dead and the damned as they plot to take over Agea?

As the Andolorayne Empire begins it slow crumble, the enemies of the great empire make their play. Dwarves raid supply routes, Human uprisings and revolts, and still worse: Heaven and Hell collide as the fate of Agea is decided in the lands of Malundaia. A small band of adventurers struggles to unite the races against an army of demons and the undead. Will they be sucessful, or will the Demon Lord make his thrown on Agea?


Campaign Setting

The great elven empire, Andolorayne, is in decline; rebellion, politics, and over-expansion have taken its toll on the once great civilization. Now, dwarves raid supply lines and attack outposts, human uprisings draw precious resources and erode away at former conquests, and recently, there is a hint of something even more sinister.

Within these pages you will find the information pertaining to Agea, my gaming world, as well as campaign information for the level spanning epic saga, and the diary of our adventurers as they unravel a mystery shroud in secrecy, demons, and deception that could destroy their world.

The Watchtowers of Shadowgate Depths

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