This page contains all XP awarded to each player, for both ingame rewards, role playing rewards, and wiki/web page contributions.

Current XP Status

Player Character Last Adventure Reward Current Bonus XP Total XP
Adam Via - - -
Anthony Ren - - -
Fil Adeer - - -
Kevin Mallat - - -
Mike Brolorn - - -
Russ Aragon - - -

Pathfinder Advancement Chart

We are currently using the middle advancement chart for XP to level up.

Pf advancment chart

Experience Awards

Wiki Rewards

Players will be able to automatically gain level 2 (2,000 XP)by completing the following Wiki items:

  • Character Sheet fully updated and complete (750 XP)
  • Legacy Weapon created, with background story. (500 XP)
  • Character Background submitted, reviewed, and approved by DM (300 XP)
  • Character Portrait updated in Wiki (250 XP)
  • Session 1 Adventure Log (200 XP)

Additional Wiki Rewards

  • Wiki Contribution: Cartography, Character/Story Development (NPC), or World Building(depends on amount of work performed)
  • Art Work contributions (varies)
  • Character Updates* (250 XP)
  • Accepting/Updating Availability in Wiki Calendar (25 XP per session)
  • Character Updates are only awarded XP when the character levels up. Character maintenance does not count.


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