The Kingdom of Ghashraish

The Kingdom of Ghashraish

Geographic Data

The Dwarven kingdom, known as The Kingdom of Ghashraish is located in the central mountain ranges of Malundaia.

Major Cities

Census Data

The Kingdom’s Colors

the kingdom of ghashraish flag

Dwarven Fashion in Ghashraish

High Society

This style emphasizes elaborate, tailored dark red garments. Tops are typically sleeveless with plunging necklines. Grey-brown, white, and green-brown are also common colors. Adult males and females wear very different clothing.

Middle Class Society

This style favors rugged, modest dark gold garments. Tops are typically cropped with high necklines. Piercings and ties are popular accessories. Stripes and flax are staples of the style. Violet, white, and tan are also common colors. Children and adults wear very different clothing.

The Rune Callers

This fashion emphasizes opulent, form-fitting light green and pale orange garments. Tops are typically short sleeved with varying necklines. Girdles and diadems are popular accessories. Shoulder pads and hemp are staples of the style. White, green-brown, and deep green are also common colors.

Demon Hunters

This fashion emphasizes heavy, draping pale violet and dark bronze garments. Tops are typically sleeveless with varying necklines. Boots and bodices are also customary. Ties and cloaks are popular accessories. Snaps and wool are staples of the style. Gold, dark red-violet, and white are also common colors.


This style features light, tight golden-brown garments. Tops are typically cropped with low necklines. Vests and tights are also customary. Gloves and headbands are popular accessories. Violet, dark blue-violet, and blue-violet are also common colors. Men and women wear very different clothing.

Laws of the Land

  • The penalty for insulting an official is public humiliation.
  • The penalty for an apprentice illegally selling food is whipping.
  • The penalty for an indentured servant impersonating a shaman is exile.
  • The penalty for a nondwarf comitting acts of treason is death.
  • The penalty for a military officer stealing gems is execution.

Renowned Armies of The Kingdom of Ghashraish

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Historical Data

The Creation

The Great Tribe

Exploring the Underdark

The Golden Age

The Spider War

The Great Fortress

The Book of Creation

The Grand Library

The Dark Discovery

The 1000 year war

The Portal of Yuri

Demon Hunters

The Key and Map of Yuri

The Fall of the Wyrmslayer Fortress


The Kingdom of Ghashraish

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