Religion in Gaming

Since the beginning of human society, religion was the only thing that explained the unexplained, gave light to the darkness, and a factor in forming communities. The light of various mythos and religious structures lead to greater knowledge and understanding within the safety of the known universe, as it was allowed to slowly expand beyond the horizon.

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It is true for the lands of Agea, where deities and demigods keep watchful eye over the developing world around them, even occasionally becoming involved where needed, that religion is an important part of the communities, culture, and world around the players. From simple celebrations and rights, to fueling divine magic, religion is everywhere, and a powerful force amongst the people.

PC Religions

The Great Church of Andolorayne
The Church of the Eight
The Church of the Protector
The Church of the Life Giving Waters
The Holy Church of the Sky
The Church of Knowledge
The Church of the Crossroads
The Church of Or’n
The Church of Nature’s Abundance
The Church of the Holy Flame

NPC Religions

The Church of the Underdark
The Church of Secrets
The Order of the Fallen
The Dark Pact
The Church of the Destroyer

A brief note on Evil Religions: Good, or benevolent ideals represented in the religion do not necessarily mean that the church should be good, or that there is misinformation presented, rather that these ideals are held to the religion itself. ie: The Church of the Destroyer values selflessness. This does not mean that members of the religion should be out doing acts of great kindness, rather, they should be selflessly working to bring about the cause of the church.


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