True Demigods

Ascended Demigods

Yara, Founder of Magic

It is written in elven history that Yara, the founder of magic, did not simply die of old age, rather, at a ripe old age, Isovah appeared and took her beyond the land of the living.

Emperor of Andolorayne

Emperor Erutáthas is the first Elven demigod contained by record in the elven history. Unlike Yara, who was simply brought to the afterlife and never tasted death, Emperor Erutáthas actually claimed he had ascended to Demigod status through his deeds, with aid from the previous ruler of the elves, King Coteron, and with power from his people. As such, he was translated into a Celestial Elf, and all descendants who are of the royal bloodline are infact a distinct subspecies of elf.


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