Cult of the Emperor

Worshippers of the Emperor of Andolrayne. Elves only cult. Lead by a Female magic-user. Composed of many of the preistesses of the Emperor’s church.


The Cult of the Emperor dates back to the earliest days of the Andolorayne Empire. In the earliest of days, a close band of followers devoted their lives to protecting and serving the Emperor. As time went on, and the reign of Emperor’s marched on, the organization and formation of military and religious units eventually took over most of the tasks originally performed by the Cult of the Emperor.

Today, the Cult of the Emperor is a behind the scenes organization that provides for the Emperor’s spiritual and physical needs. The female dominant organization looks after all nonpublic aspects of the Emperor’s life, from manning and overseeing the Emperor’s Palace, to providing concubines, and other physical pleasures he may desire. In all aspects, the Cult of the Emperor looks after the Emperor, and future generations of Emperors, and oversees the raising and education of all of the royal family.

The Cult of the Emperor is also a devout and formidable advisary. They are fanatical in their duties, and their belief in the divinity of the Emperor. They can not be purchased, reasoned with, or disuaded from their duty.

General Purpose/Goals.

The Cult of the Emperor is simply about helping the Emperor ascend to deity status. From the time the future Emperor is conceived, the Cult makes busy the preperations and plans to raise, form, and develop a future god.

Inner Workings.

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How does the organization function?

Based in Rwendia, it is mostly operated within the temples of the Church of Andolorayne. It is also rumored to be prevelant in the Emperor’s Palace. It is rumored that the almost all work within the palace are members of the cult, including the guards.

Allies & Enemies

The Cult of the Emperor is strongly, but secretly tied to the Church of the Emperor. It also shares many allies among the wealthy and many of the noble houses, has great ties to the military, and because of its ties with the Emperor, recieves public support from loyal citizens of the Empire.

Enemies of the Cult include several notable noble houses, propenents of the Andolorayne Senate and those seeking liberty from the Empire, also, all who seek to harm the Emperor. In addition, there are many smaller groups who would seek revenge or retribution on the Emperor for political greivances. In fighting amongst the Emperor’s own family have, from time to time, fractured allegences and created other splinter groups who claim rightful heir to the thrown. These groups also include some former memebers of the Cult. These are considered the most dangerous to the Cult and the Emperor.

The Cult is a secret organization that remains mostly hidden by the nature of its duties, as well as its cover and connection to the Church of Andolorayne.


The organization is rumored to be funded both privately, by those who seek favor with the Emperor, and public, through tithes and dontations of the Church of Andolorayne.

The organization itself is lawful, however such devoted ties specifically to the Emperor is questionable at best, when it comes to balance of powers between the Emperor and the Senate. It is not well known to the public, but support would be divided among racial and political lines if it was discovered.

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Organization Hierarchy

While the Empire is ruled the Emporer and the oligarichal senate, the cult has several steps in the heirarchy and many roles for its followers. In the glory days of the empire, the cult and the empire were one and the same. Over time, support for the divinity of Emporer has weakened, and the church and state have become more and more seperate.

The cult is ultimately ruled by the emporer who is also considered God of the Empire. The Emporer deals primarily through his consorts the High Matriarchs. Each High Matriarch rules over a facet of the cult and act as advisors to their God. In addition to advisement, each is considered the consort of the emporer and may mother his children.

The first High Matriarch presides over the Temple Clergy. The Clergy is made up of Priestesses, high priestesses, and Ley Sisters training to become priestesses. The clergy focuses on keeping

Organization Advancement


Cult of the Emperor

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