Church of Aereyl

The Church of the Holy Flame

Type: monotheism (moderately matriarchal)
Direction: inwards
Focus: knowledge and physical desires

Deity: Aereyl
Titles: The Goddess of Magic, Mystery, Seduction/Passion, Fire

Divine Interaction: is relatively commonplace

Involves: prophecies
Afterlife: is incomprehensible to the living and cannot be reached while alive
Supernatural: greatly feared

Worship: solemn group prayer at shrines
Holidays: few
Holidays Celebrate: saints, full moons, martyrs
Major Holiday(s): last several days

Clergy: none

Cultural Aspects

Symbol: an inhuman eye and a spiral
Holy Color: violet

Passed Down: via one holy book and some oral tradition
Creation Myth Type: dismemberment
Mortals’ Origin: divine blood
Major Myth/Symbol(s): the redemption

Deadly Sins: indifference, sloth, selfishness, malice and self-injury
High Virtues: bravery and temperance

Associated Artform: sculpture

Coming of Age: 15 years old
Coming of Age Rite: involves a journey

Marriage: is done only out of love
Marriage Rites: are performed by clergy

Death Rites: are performed immediately after death and include creamation

Major Taboo: certain clothing

Prevalence: believed by some
Outsiders: are scorned

Holy Orders

Orders Holy

Orders Militant

Orders Religious

Break Away Cults and Churches

Church of Aereyl

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