Usm's Diary

Usm the Blades Personal Diary and Notes


The Diary of Usm The Blade

This diary is a simple, leatherbound book, loosely bound, with many pages and other parchements shoved into it. The book is a hand written accounting of Usm’s dealings since his arrival in Queenia about two weeks prior, according to the last entry, Veneratio, Nendmus 23, 4032 AI.

Pages of Note:

page 6
page 12
page 22
page 28
page 48
page 54


According to Senator Elune, Usm the Blade was sent two weeks earlier than the party to Queenia, to find her missing daughter. Having arrived at Queenia, the party ventured to Usm’s last known refuge, where they discover a pile of papers, and other objects, including this diary on his desk. Now in their posegession, what information does it contain?

Usm's Diary

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