Law Bringer

Aragon's Legacy Weapon, the Legendary Executioner

weapon (melee)

Law Bringer

Class: Axe, Great

A very large axe, made for hurting things, badly.
Benefit: You kill stuff well.

Weapons Chart Entry

Two-Handed Melee
Cost Dmg (S) Dmg (M) Dmg (L) Critical Range Weight Type Special
Greataxe 20 gp 1d10 1d12 3d6 x3 12 lb. S

Source: Core Rulebook

Growth Type: Recovered
Method of Advancement: Research (100% GP)
Current Level: 1
Quirks: 10% chance at each unlock. Temperature around item is 10° F cooler than normal. Causes a brief prickly sensation when picked up.
Current Abilities:
Glows per the spell Light. Can not be turned off/hidden by any means.
+1 sword
Ghost Touch
+2 Sword

Latent Abilities: DM Only
Requirements: LN


Once, long ago, long before the world of man was forged by the hammer of the gods. Or’n sat on his throne of gold, his gaze watching, judging, deliberating. He saw the chaos the other gods and the lack of regard for the law from others, and his fury burned hot within him. He sought out the greatest weaponsmiths, ones of order, of right. He needed a champion and, when the time came, an executioner.

He search took him to farthest reaches of his realm, Lucidium, and then, when no smith was found, he journeyed far beyond the boundaries of his land. The land of man was young when his search finally ended. In the realm of Dwarves, where the greatest smiths can be found, a smith was finally found.

Or’n found a Dwarven smith, whose name has long been forgotten in the annals of time, who would forge a weapon of great power. The dwarf was a hero of his people, forging weapons and armors whose names live on now, long past their creator. The dwarf had one condition, the weapon must be forged from the gold of Or’n’s throne. Or’n saw the prudence of such a condition for only through Or’n’s sacrifice could the weapon achieve limitless power. For Or’ns throne was forged of pure gold and imbued with the essence of law, order, and judgment. For many eons, Or’n sat upon his throne, his gavel of black onyx in his hand, handed out judgments through his chosen disciples, great heroes of renown. His instruments of order in the chaotic realms.

Now, a sword would be forged from the very gold of his throne and purified in the tears of the judged and damned. He would have his champion, greater than any of his past disciples. Or’n returned to the dwarf with the arm rest of his throne, the same arm rest where his mighty gavel had fallen in judgment. The dwarf forged the blade and when the dwarf asked what the hilt would be made of, Or’n handed him the golden wings of a fallen angel and the handle of his mighty gavel. The dwarf plunged the gavel and the wings in the fire, and the blood of the angel’s freshly plucked wings seeping into the handle, turning it a brilliant red.

Or’n returned to Lucidium, searching for a champion. He sent out his greatest servant, his executioner and right hand of judgment. This executioner was a terrifying beast of steel and fury, a righteous soul voluntarily bound to the armor to serve his lord. Or’n sent the executioner out with the sword and told him to search for another righteous soul to serve him.

The executioner wandered for centuries, no one worthy was found, although many died at the hand of the executioner. The blade remained pure, slicing through the wicked and harvesting their souls for their rightful judgment. The sword grew in power as it dealt out righteous punishment on the twisted souls that attempted to claim it.

Finally, the executioner wandered into the realm of man, in the land of Malundaia where his path crossed with a small miltia. He slew the company, except for one man, Aragon the eldest. Aragon fought the executioner far longer than any other man had before. But soon, the executioner’s tireless streaks were taking its toll. Soon Aragon fell and the executioner moved in for the killing blow, only to be halted by his master, his god, Or’n. Or’n in that moment saw not his strength of sword or his cunning in battle, but rather his righteous heart and sound mind. A man who would never bend to a bride or turn a blind eye to a matter of justice. This was the man Or’n had long awaited.

The sword was given to Aragon, binding him to Or’n for all eternity, until another champion was chosen. A binding that could only be broken by Or’n or by Aragon with his death. The sword was gifted at price, however. Aragon was bound by his oath that when his god had dire need of him, he would come.

Law Bringer

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