Adir's amber gemstone

An amber colored stone. If you stare at it long enough it appears to have a dim glow.


Fire Diamond

Class: Gemstone, Magical

Growth Type: Recovered
Method of Advancement: Research (100% GP)
Current Level: 5
Quirks: 10% chance at each unlock.
Current Abilities: Scorching Ray 3/day
Resist Element (Fire) 10
Invisibility 3/day
Wall of Fire
Plane Shift 1/week
Quirks: Always stays the same temperature, differnt colors day and night.
Latent Abilities: DM Only
Requirements: Rogue Only


This small stone is the only remaining legacy from his long lost Efreeti father. Superstition says it holds some part of his elemental essence, but to Adir it is only a memento of home.

Adir's amber gemstone

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