The Watchtowers of Shadowgate Depths

Update 3/28/13

Life complicates even the best of gaming groups. The last few months have been a perfect example of that. Work, surgeries, and family have all complicated or gaming sessions since around the Christmas season. Now it’s April, and we’re getting ready to start back up on a regular basis, but there are a few complications as its been so long since we had steady gaming, and our Adventure Logs haven’t been updated and kept as well as they should be.

Thus, we’re jumping the timeline, and the characters ahead by 6-9 months into the future. Not only is the story line advancing, but so are the characters! We’re restarting with the party at level 10! I’m allowing one of two advancements; First, players may level up their character from 6-10th level. Second, I’m allowing a total rebuild at level 10.



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