The Watchtowers of Shadowgate Depths

The Interim

Post Summary of Events after the 2nd Session

Queenia, Andolorayne

Fidelitas, Nendmus 27, 4032 AI

This is A Summary of Post Adventure Events leading up to the next session.

After Math

Upon the final encounter with Hastein and Elias, the party makes little work clearing the rest of the area of the living dead from the catacombs. Having taken Elias, unconcious, as a prisoner, he was stabilized by Mallot, who attended his greivous wounds caused by an arrow from Via.

The group gathers up its own, the down, but not out dwarf, who bravely stormed in on Hastein, and the hastily retreating warrior, and search the remaining rooms. Found in the room, scribed in a ledger are the names of certain individuals and taverns. Is it a list of victims, or something more sinister, perhaps a list of members?

Return To Queenia

Upon finishing their investigation within the catacombs, they discover no evidence of Silanthenthe Elune (Missing)’s where abouts. As they aproach the gates, a small detachment of guards approaches them. Leading the detachment is the city guard commander, Shay Nertenel. After a brief discussion, Shay and ensemble enter the city walls, and make their way to the Queenia Keep. There Elias Fenton is placed under guard, as is the party, while a patrol from the Queenia Militia make their way to the grave yard. After about an hour, a runner returns from the grave yard. There is a brief discussion between the runner and Shay.

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Shay turns to the party and Elias and says, “It appears we owe you an appology and more.” She instructs the guards to take Fenton to the dungeon and secure him. “The militia reports confirm your accounts of the grave yard, and upon further investigation, I discovered that Fenton is the one who reported that your party was responsible for the slayings at the manor. We confirmed the identities of the residents, but not the guest. They were unable to find where the cleric you mentioned, disappeared to either.”

Upon finishing with the party, Shay turned her attention to the allegations of corruption and cooperation with the cult. By end of the day, no less than 10 people were in the town guard’s custody for conspiracy or corruption. Soon, rumors began spreading, and there was even a protest at the Keep, where calls for the arrest of Desias Methlomae, the baron of the town, for conspiracy and corruption. After all, it was Desias’ aproval that gave Fenton control of the grave yard.

Piatus, Nendmus 28 was declared a local celebration in the groups honor for solving the disappearnces, apprehending the necromancer, and shedding light on the dark deeds in the grave yard. A banquet was held in the party’s honor, and during the day the trial for Elias Fenton was held, where he simply pled guilty to all of the charges, saying nothing else. In the end, Elias Fenton was found guilty of crimes against the dead, murder, kidnapping, cohersion, conspiracy, and more. He was sentenced to die by the Hangman’s Gallow on Lacertus, Vilmus 2nd at noon. After seeking favor from Shay, the party was granted the opportunity to question Elias Fenton before his execution.

Gallows1 2

That evening a great feast was held with a dance. Aragon was spotted with several maidens throughout the night, dancing, flirting, and carrying on. Rin and Mallot observed the goings ons, while Brolorn consumed an entire keg of elven stout which seemed to have no effect on him. Adir was observed eating, but is said to have later excused himself, and became lost in his own solitude, while Via jovially celebrated with the commoners of Queenia.

The party was awarded 500g from the City of Queenia as a reward for their assistance.



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