The Watchtowers of Shadowgate Depths

Ren Arin's Personal Correspondence

Private and Personal: Most Secret
From: Ren Arin, Agent; Field Operations

I understand why you made this call, I even agree with it.. mostly. The subject is important, their removal could cause upheaval and there are a long list of possible repercussions, not to mention the unforeseen. The subject may be under duress, and could be a potential ally, however, the subject has still engaged in activities that are treasonous to the Empire and that should not go unremarked. Their continued existence is grating, but to occupy a position of such importance and esteem is simply unacceptable. I recommend action, it need not be swift, but it should be… decisive. An heir could be found, or a replacement groomed, in relatively short order.

On to other matters. I believe I have made some headway into our investigation of the cult. We seem to have uncovered a ring of criminals dealing in the illicit trade of artifacts, both magical and evil in nature. Questioning one of the key players in this ring leads me to believe that the artifacts eventually end up in the hands of the Cleric Hostien. In the course of my investigation I seized a number of assets, liquid assets in excess of 20,000 gold pieces, the artifacts themselves, and a manor and fields. The seizure was conducted under the authority of the Offices of Census and Excise. Official warrant for the seizure will need to be created and backlogged, the subject of the seizure is alive and in my custody. I believe that my cover is still largely in tact in town. Unfortunately it’s becoming a little sere with my coterie, I may have to divulge a greater part of the truth of my circumstances to them before long.

On a related note, several members of this group are of promising skill and disposition. I should clarify that none lack for skill, but I fret over disposition. I’m sure you’re aware that this has basically become a joint venture between the Imperial Cult and ourselves. I recommend that we move to recruit, in an official capacity, and to read in, those members of this group not already firmly aligned with other agencies. I have attempted to foster some good will and personal loyalty, which may be enough to see us through, but I believe a license for full disclosure would be beneficial for the aims of this particular group. Also, steady pay never hurts when trying to foster patriotism.

I will keep you apprised of matters in the field.

Your obedient servant,

Ren Arin



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