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Pre-Halloween Session

Apacolypse World

So, with only a few of us able to make it to the Pre-Halloween Session, Fil introduced us to a new game system called Apacolypse World. The game was story driven, and a lot of fun. Tony, Mike and I all squared off after our characters and background relationships were established. I elected to have Mike in my cult, and Mike swore a basic allegiance to Tony, who with the creation of his background, I had betrayed him, and Mike selected me to have his character not trust. This ended up making things quite complicated, as Mike was sort of a double agent to both Tony and me, but mostly to me.

The game system was quick, simple, and fun to play. We decided that at a future session we would introduce the rest of the group to this game, and continue on where we left off.

Thanks for hosting us this past weekend, and for the pizza and coke, Fil! I know I had a blast, and everyone else really seemed to enjoy it as well. One last thing…Thanks Fil for an awesome recap…like to hear it? Here it goes!

by Fil

I wanted to throw out a well written summary of what happened but I think it would end up being quite long so I had to skip some of the details. Notably, Gnarly and Jeanette’s friends aren’t described.

“It’s a hard place to live.

Take Angbad. The hollow and gutted remains of some long past prison. The residents ain’t doing much to make their parents proud. Its still full of filthy, violent and impulsive hyenas. They’re barely held together by a hardass named Lincoln. He isn’t mean by nature, but knows the only thing these animals understand are pain and violence. Hell, even the girls there won’t think twice about chopping your nuts off.

Such was the story with Zora and Doghead. One day Doghead got a bit too close to Zora’s smooth-chocolate skin and she took his jewels with a machete. So then what happens? The next time a windfall hits Angbad (and its few and far between) Doghead gets shitfaced. Drinks enough to do something stupid. Him and a few friends think its time to show that chicka a lesson. This isn’t a good time for malarkey.

Lincoln knows some crazy assholes, the Black Moons, are moving around out there in the night. Angbad might be rough, but at least they usually have a reason to kill you. Black Moon guys tear you limb from limb because the sky don’t look right. Tonight didn’t look right.

Black Moon was whipping up into a frenzy and Angbad looked like a nice place to tear down. Their leader, Sorrow, ain’t that stupid though. He knows if they move on Angbad’s high walls they’ll be the ones sleeping in the dirt. So he misdirects. That guy Tum Tum has been enough of a pain (and an easier target too). Sorrow tracks his ass down with some spooky-ass trance. Soon enough Tum-Tum’s body isn’t whole. A grim warning of Black Moon’s voracious appetite for sacrifice.

Angbad doesn’t heed the warning. Lincoln doesn’t scare though, he prepares. He tries to rally the drunks but they’re just too damn loud. It isn’t until Zora knees one of the thugs in the junk and escapes, that some order is restored. Good thing Black Moon already got its blood tonight. They seem to back off from Angbad for now. The sun manages to rise on only one corpse.

Bad news for Lincoln is that Sorrow makes a play for New Amarillo. It’s the only decent farmland in miles. Poor shit-kickers couldn’t drive off a couple dozen raving cultists. So now Sorrow sits on a pretty comfy holding and Angbad needs that food.

Zora ain’t too pleased. She has some bad blood with Black Moon. Though it looks like Angbad isn’t much happier with her. She went ahead and ‘lost’ her special machete in that scuffle with Doghead. It ends up with Jeanette and now Lincoln’s gotta bring justice on that sweet girl. Jeanette is whipped near death, both tears and blood streaming from her. But that’s the rules in Angbad.

Lincoln doesn’t like the boat rocking and Zora is bad ballast. As usual he’s got a plan. Sometimes your enemy is your friend and so he packages Zora up with some protection for New Amarillo and makes a trade with Sorrow, swords-for-ploughshares-like. For now there’s a scratch of peace. But get together several dozen sociopaths and see how long it takes for some bodies to hit the floor.

It’s a hard place to live. But at least they’re living for now. Well, everyone except Tum-Tum."


You left out the town of Guacamole?! ROFL

Pre-Halloween Session

Haha… sorry. It seemed to not be so important anymore after you got a ‘real’ holding.

Pre-Halloween Session

Also, you spelled Zorra wrong. Double rr…like Zorro.

Pre-Halloween Session

Sorry, I’ll get it right at some point. I never looked at anyone’s character sheet.

Pre-Halloween Session

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