The Watchtowers of Shadowgate Depths

Into the Desert

The warehouse was horrifying. As we stood ankle-deep in the gore, the heat from the desert beyond the portal seemed the only way to escape the scene. The desert seems barren for the most part; only faint signs of life adorn the dunes. If I keep a keen eye, I might be able to find something to augment my concoctions.

Adir is familiar with this place. He remembers some sort of .. machine in the distant ruins. Perhaps it has a link to the artifacts we found back in the town. We set off to investigate.

On the way, we came across slavers. After capturing the majority of their force (at least one escaped alive), the ogre and its accomplice agreed to help. They told us the arrangement they have with Hastein. The slavers buy, entice, or otherwise acquire subjects to take to the ruins. Once they go in, they don’t come back out.

The best theory we can create at the moment is that the machine is somehow related to the undead, fueled by souls. We intend to enter the ruins and learn more.



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