The Watchtowers of Shadowgate Depths

A new request

From the journal of Brolorn the Mighty. ((Please consider the details out of character.))


New request came; this time from Senator Elune. Something of hers is missing and she wants it found. She sent an agent to find it, but is now concerned that communication with the agent, Usm the Blade, has ceased.

The senator has gathered a discreet search party to find what’s missing and I am included. Good opportunity. She’s worried about looking weak to rivals. Already revealing this is likely another marker that this Empire’s corruption is rotting it. Likely the mission will further reveal exploitable defenses.

Interesting observations about those accompanying me:

Via – an Elf…well armored, seems focused and dedicated to the Empire. Keep her eye on an objective and keep her convinced it is for the good of the Empire. Don’t let her believe you’re a detriment.

Ren – Half-elf. Lightly armored. Works for the census. Will likely have a keen eye toward documents and details within. Might have good contacts in different parts of the land. Good resource, but make sure he stand behind the elf.

Adir – Plane-touched? Didn’t seem to answer question directly. Probably doesn’t trust elves. Dealt handily with a lock, might have other discreet skills and a good scout. Try to keep an eye on him.

Arogon – Human; Campaigner. Appears to know his way around a weapon. Very unkempt, best to keep distance.

Mallat – Half-elf. Navy. Has a good eye for details and a steady hand. Pleasant disposition. Will be useful for notice and recall.

Missing item and Usm were located in Queenia. Mostly elves. 8,500. Will evaluate defenses after Senator’s request is complete. The Senator set us up in a manor outside of town. Staff seemed spooked by something. Too far from town. Time will be wasted in travel. Consider settling in a closer locale.

Bridge medieval fantasy city

Staff did not have very useful information. Item had been missing for awhile and Usm had ceased stopping by. Had visited the graveyard often. Obtained location where Usm was staying and visited. Other side of town…time wasted traveling.

Manor and guesthouse appeared empty. Manor was locked, guesthouse wasn’t. Usm left detailed notes about his investigation. Hoping Ren will go through them in detail tonight. No one had been at the guesthouse for awhile. Muddy boots seemed odd. Hasn’t rained lately. River runs through town, but fresh soil from newly dug graves also a possibility considering Usm frequenting the graveyard. Clean boots tonight.

Elf wanted to go to the graveyard. Ren seemed very reluctant. Likely scared of ghosts. Others found nothing in the main manor and the house appeared secure. Noticed someone watching us from the woods. Based on the tracks it was something big. Mallat hypothesized it could be what is spooking the staff.

Review Usm’s notes and investigate the graveyard tomorrow. Find a good tavern for ale.

From the Journal of Ren Arin, Frumentarii of Andolorayne:

Senior just called down, they’re pulling me off mission. Four years under, and this is the first hint of excitement. I’ve been playing the taxman so long I’m beginning to believe it. They’re inserting me into a group working for some senator. No clear directive, as usual, just wait and watch. Still, it shakes things up a little, that stint in Untylia just seemed to drag on forever.

Just got briefed. Senator Elune’s daughter is missing. She had us swear an oath of confidentiality, then she had us sign it. I almost laughed out loud. If you don’t want someone to know about something, you don’t hide it by keeping records. Not sure what to make of all this, the senator’s daughter is either a more important than I’ve got reason to believe, or someone owes the senator a favor. Probably the latter. I spend four years busting my tail counting copper and tracking down bastards, and they reward me with kitten rescue detail. Up the tree I go.

Alexia  queen of the elves by gothika248

My companions are an interesting lot. Best as I can figure the senator must have just called in every chit she had. Some of em’ might be worth a damn. I’ll prepare a preliminary dossier and attempt to cultivate trust.

Arrived in Queenia. Just as sleepy as I remember it. The senator set us up in a manor on the outside of town. Drove right through the market district with a dwarf and human on top of our carriage. In heavy armor. Very discreet, I’m sure no one noticed. Head servant seemed a bit off, acted as though she thought she was being watched. She tried to play it off, didn’t want to talk.

Dilapidated tavern

Went after our contact, Us’m, first thing. Rooms appear to have been abandoned suddenly. Clothes and boots left behind, bed had been slept in. Recovered his notes, so at least we’ve got a trail. Safehouse staff was missing, no signs of foul play. Odd encounter during our investigation of the safehouse. Several of my companions reported seeing movement in the woods on the perimeter of the house, upon investigation Mallat noticed a set of booted footprints. Someone has clearly taken an interest in us.

Preliminary Dossier and initial impressions:

Brolorn: Dwarf. Seriously. A Dwarf. Carries a crossbow, looks like he might even know how to use it. Initial reaction was that he was outspoken and lacked subtlety, like most Dwarves. On reflection, gave away surprisingly little.

Via Nocturna: Praetorian. No kidding, an honest to god protector of the Emperor. Inquisitive thing, wanted to know all about us. Didn’t buy the cover initially. If we could recruit her she could be a valuable asset.

Mallat: Imperial Navy. Ship’s doctor. Read earlier comment about calling in every favor. His presence makes mine seem less unlikely at least. Competent, quiet, and sure.

Aragon: Human. Mercenary or militia..probably both.

Adeer: Plane-touched. Ifrit. Keeps his hood up, but it’s hard to hide the eyes. Quiet, withdrawn. If his appearance weren’t so distinctive he could make a good agent. Probably suitable as a scout.

Will submit a request for information on the aforementioned, expect a full dossier on Via Nocturna and Mallet. Will request further instructions.

(From the Pen of Via Nocturna)

For the Eyes of Templar Visellis

Report 1

Visited with Senator Elune as requested. She apparently requested the aid of 5 others as well. she asked the 6 of us to investigate the disappearance of her daughter. She also begged for discretion for fear of appearing weak before the other houses, but I believe you should know. She gave us a lead, looking for a sell sword by a title “The Blade”. She had tasked him earlier for the same purpose, but he too has disappeared. We will be following his tracks to discover the location of the child.

Report 2

Found the house where this “Blade” was staying during his investigation. We discovered a map where he had several houses circled as well as the graveyard. I suggested that we investigate the graveyard but the others feared going at night. More information on my companions later.

Report 3

Investigated one of the homes marked by the Blade. there was nothing of interest to be found within, however we were being stalked by some large creature in the surrounding forestry. When we attempted to confront it it fled, leaving behind only a set of large bipedal humanoid footprints.



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