The Watchtowers of Shadowgate Depths

Update 3/28/13

Life complicates even the best of gaming groups. The last few months have been a perfect example of that. Work, surgeries, and family have all complicated or gaming sessions since around the Christmas season. Now it’s April, and we’re getting ready to start back up on a regular basis, but there are a few complications as its been so long since we had steady gaming, and our Adventure Logs haven’t been updated and kept as well as they should be.

Thus, we’re jumping the timeline, and the characters ahead by 6-9 months into the future. Not only is the story line advancing, but so are the characters! We’re restarting with the party at level 10! I’m allowing one of two advancements; First, players may level up their character from 6-10th level. Second, I’m allowing a total rebuild at level 10.

Into the Desert

The warehouse was horrifying. As we stood ankle-deep in the gore, the heat from the desert beyond the portal seemed the only way to escape the scene. The desert seems barren for the most part; only faint signs of life adorn the dunes. If I keep a keen eye, I might be able to find something to augment my concoctions.

Adir is familiar with this place. He remembers some sort of .. machine in the distant ruins. Perhaps it has a link to the artifacts we found back in the town. We set off to investigate.

On the way, we came across slavers. After capturing the majority of their force (at least one escaped alive), the ogre and its accomplice agreed to help. They told us the arrangement they have with Hastein. The slavers buy, entice, or otherwise acquire subjects to take to the ruins. Once they go in, they don’t come back out.

The best theory we can create at the moment is that the machine is somehow related to the undead, fueled by souls. We intend to enter the ruins and learn more.

Pre-Halloween Session
Apacolypse World

So, with only a few of us able to make it to the Pre-Halloween Session, Fil introduced us to a new game system called Apacolypse World. The game was story driven, and a lot of fun. Tony, Mike and I all squared off after our characters and background relationships were established. I elected to have Mike in my cult, and Mike swore a basic allegiance to Tony, who with the creation of his background, I had betrayed him, and Mike selected me to have his character not trust. This ended up making things quite complicated, as Mike was sort of a double agent to both Tony and me, but mostly to me.

The game system was quick, simple, and fun to play. We decided that at a future session we would introduce the rest of the group to this game, and continue on where we left off.

Thanks for hosting us this past weekend, and for the pizza and coke, Fil! I know I had a blast, and everyone else really seemed to enjoy it as well. One last thing…Thanks Fil for an awesome recap…like to hear it? Here it goes!

Ren Arin's Personal Correspondence

Private and Personal: Most Secret
From: Ren Arin, Agent; Field Operations

I understand why you made this call, I even agree with it.. mostly. The subject is important, their removal could cause upheaval and there are a long list of possible repercussions, not to mention the unforeseen. The subject may be under duress, and could be a potential ally, however, the subject has still engaged in activities that are treasonous to the Empire and that should not go unremarked. Their continued existence is grating, but to occupy a position of such importance and esteem is simply unacceptable. I recommend action, it need not be swift, but it should be… decisive. An heir could be found, or a replacement groomed, in relatively short order.

Campaigner's Journal (Notes on the Road)

Excerpt from the Journal of Aragon “the Elder” from his adventures with a small group of misfit heroes, shady characters, and….well, a Tax Collector.

The day started with sweet memories of the night before. An elfish wench and her sweet, tender embrace (although afterwards I learned she parted me from more than her embrace) and a lot of mead (this also parted me from a substantial amount of coin).

We were heroes to a town that once thought us murderers. But I, for one, was not convinced that all was as it seemed. We still had a Mage to interrogate. A Mage who had set me running, fleeing even, from the dungeon. A fact that the dwarf, Brolorn (he deserves my respect so therefore his name will be remembered in my journals, unlike the cursed Mage), was kind enough to reveal to the wench.

The Interim
Post Summary of Events after the 2nd Session

Queenia, Andolorayne

Fidelitas, Nendmus 27, 4032 AI

This is A Summary of Post Adventure Events leading up to the next session.

After Math

Upon the final encounter with Hastein and Elias, the party makes little work clearing the rest of the area of the living dead from the catacombs. Having taken Elias, unconcious, as a prisoner, he was stabilized by Mallot, who attended his greivous wounds caused by an arrow from Via.

The group gathers up its own, the down, but not out dwarf, who bravely stormed in on Hastein, and the hastily retreating warrior, and search the remaining rooms. Found in the room, scribed in a ledger are the names of certain individuals and taverns. Is it a list of victims, or something more sinister, perhaps a list of members?

A Grave Encounter
Players seeking Usm, are lead by their investigation to the Queenia Grave Yard

The dwarf watched as the town of Queenia celebrated the capture of Elias Fenton and the exposure of those allied with the Cult of the Omniscient Serpent. Through cheerful dancing and festivities, the citizens discarded the gripping apprehension that had shrouded the town on account of the disappearances occurring during the previous weeks. The somber dwarf from the party responsible for the cult leader’s capture sat as a witness to the revelry as he slowly sipped his latest mug of the keg of Elven Stout he had claimed as his own. He was dressed in immaculate festival clothing with a pressed, crimson shirt and some fine black trousers held up by a fine, black brushed leather belt. His hair was pulled back in a ponytail, appearing freshly washed and his beard appeared recently trimmed. An attractive elven lass twirled away from her lively dance with Aragon, the party’s rugged warrior. Her curly golden hair bouncing playfully as she plopped down exhaustedly at the dwarf’s table (on which not a scrap of out-of-place food or spill of drink was present).

A new request

From the journal of Brolorn the Mighty. ((Please consider the details out of character.))


New request came; this time from Senator Elune. Something of hers is missing and she wants it found. She sent an agent to find it, but is now concerned that communication with the agent, Usm the Blade, has ceased.

The senator has gathered a discreet search party to find what’s missing and I am included. Good opportunity. She’s worried about looking weak to rivals. Already revealing this is likely another marker that this Empire’s corruption is rotting it. Likely the mission will further reveal exploitable defenses.


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